​​Hair and Makeup Classes, Richmond Hill, ON

Do you have a passion for the art of makeup and hair? Do you love doing makeup and hair yourself? Do you like being the person your friend comes to when they want to look glam for a night out? Do you need or want a bit of training or help to perfect the craft? Wanting to nail your personal look? If so, we can help!

Our team of professionals provides hair and makeup lessons in the Richmond Hill area for beginners and those who have had some practice alike. All of us have to start somewhere, and all of our professionals have been there at some point in time; therefore, they are able to build an appropriate course around each individual based on where they are at skill wise. Their experience allows them to determine an individual’s level of knowledge quickly to ensure that the classes are of value for everyone.

We offer group sessions or one-on-one hair and makeup classes where our team walks you step by step through the hair and makeup process to teach you techniques and skills that will help you create any look you desire. Whether you are wanting to take these hair and makeup classes for personal use – we will show you how to do these techniques on yourself as well as others – or extend your services to others, we have the perfect class for you.
With our makeup classes, you can learn some classic looks, such as how to create a cat eye, the art of highlighting, and what bronzer is really used for. You can also learn some more intricate techniques and colour shading/matching approaches.

​With our hair styling classes, we will go over classic styles like curling, straightening, and enhancing natural curls while also demonstrating various popular styles such as common buns, braids, etc. We will go over the basics as well as dive deeper with more in-depth training to equip you with the necessary skills to create any hair style and makeup look.

What makes our classes even more appealing is your ability to work on live models. Yes, you can learn techniques and practice them on a variety of different, real skin tones and hair lengths and types that will make it easy to transfer them to real-life scenarios. This allows us to help mold your experience so that you can feel confident doing anyone’s makeup and hair, not just your own. With our lessons, you can feel fearless when doing your own hair and makeup or providing these services for your friends and family.

We offer a large variety of classes as we know that your schedule can be hectic. Our classes are offered at different times and on different days so there is a good chance that you will be able to find a time that works with your schedule. If you are interested in taking one of the hair and makeup classes that we offer, be sure to contact us to learn more about when you can sign up and our schedule, as it changes from time to time.

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Makeup Classes for Beginners, Richmond Hill

Individual Makeup Tutorial Class
Group Makeup Tutorial Class
$50 (each)
​4+ people

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