​Bridesmaids Hair & Makeup, Toronto & GTA

Are you ready to choose the hair and makeup for your bridal party? The girls you have chosen to stand beside you on the biggest day of your life deserve to feel just as beautiful as the bride – or at least close to it without outshining her – after all, they have done so much to help you plan the big day, right?

You may know exactly what you want for each of them or you may be at a loss regarding what to do – after all, there’s a huge selection of gorgeous and unique ideas out there. You may have chosen the colors and cuts of their dresses as well as what flowers they will be holding; however, hair and makeup can be a little harder to narrow down. How do you chose a hair style that will look great on everyone? Especially with hair of different lengths and various body types? How do you make everyone happy? We understand the stress that goes into planning for a group, wanting everyone to be happy, and struggling with narrowing down a good deal of ideas on top of the stress you are already facing. We are here to help! If you are at a loss, you may be asking how to even get started? Once you have selected a style, how can you ensure a stress-free prep session?
Our team offers professional bridesmaid hair and makeup services from start to finish to make sure both you and your bridal party look and feel amazing. When you call us for hair and makeup services for your wedding, we can help narrow down ideas through considering the following –
​The location and setting of the wedding

  • The bride’s hair and makeup
  • Where the wedding will take place. Is the wedding indoors or outdoors? Weather has a huge impact on the makeup and hair decisions
  • The theme, flowers, and accessories
  • The neckline of the dresses
  • The time of day​

​Our team can help you develop a completely custom bridal party hair and makeup package; however, if you have ideas and find different styles that you like, save them so that we can view them and help narrow down the perfect look for your unique day. Just as we did for you, our artists can customize makeup to fit each of your gals’ complexions and skin types while making them all look uniform. We can then carry this look over to the other important ladies of the day. We can’t forget the mother of the bride’s hair and makeup – she is giving her daughter away and deserves some stress free pampering – and the flower girl’s hair – she will be thrilled to feel like a princess and hang out with all of the other beautiful ladies – if desired. We can even pamper the mother of the groom!

The best part about our services other than our expertise is that we come to you! Our Richmond Hill mobile bridesmaid hair and makeup service allows you to enjoy the company of your favorite ladies while getting pampered by our professional artists.

Once a “look” is decided on, our team offers all the makeup and services to ensure everyone is ready and looking glam before the event. We will have your group looking Pinterest perfect for the entire day.

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Bridesmaids Hair & Makeup Packages

Standard Bridesmaid Makeup & Hair
Luxury Bridesmaid Makeup & Hair
150 each
200 each
$100 (4+ people)
$150 (4+ people)
Eyelashes included
1 style trial hair &makeup
 (no eyelashes)
Skin preparation included
Luxury makeup
(eyelashes included)
15 min Eyepatch & Facial Mask
Skin preparation
15 min eyepatch and face mask
Luxury hair design
3-4 hours with bride

Touch-ups and additional services available. Please contact us to discuss your special requests.

Bridesmaids Hairstyle Prices

Bridesmaid Hairstyle
Luxury Bridermaid Hairstyle
In Hair extension rental

Touch-ups and additional services available. Please contact us to discuss your special requests.

Bridesmaid Makeup Prices

Bridesmaid Makeup
(regular eyelashes included)
Luxury Bridesmaid Makeup
​(regular eyelashes included)
Luxury Eyelashes

Touch-ups and additional services available. Please contact us to discuss your special requests.

Mother of Bride and/or Groom Makeup & Hair Packages

 Standard Mom Make up & Hair Package
Luxury Mom Makeup & Hair Package
Mom Hairstyle
Luxury Mom Hairstyle
In Hair Extension Rental
Mom Makeup
(eyelashes included)

Touch-ups and additional services available. Please contact us to discuss your special requests.

Flower girl Hairstyle

Flower-girl Hairstyle

Mobile fee GTA $10-$40

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