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Prom is a special time in a young person’s life. For many, it is the most magical night of their pre-adult lives. If you are like most, you and your friends have likely put quite a bit of time and effort into finding the perfect dresses, tux, shoes, and accessories for the big night. Now it’s time to complete the look with professional hair and makeup services from our team. We have passionate artists and stylists who will help you create the ideal look using quality makeup products and hair expertise that will blow both your friends and date away while making you feel like a prince and/or princess all at the same time. Whether you are thinking of elegant makeup or something more simple, we have you covered. Looking at a prom hair style that is down or involves a partial/full prom up-do? We love to create custom looks based on your vision! Do you have short, medium or long hair? We have experience and a multitude of prom hairstyle ideas that can match any length and thin/thickness to create the perfect prom hair do just for you.

If you aren’t sure what complexion or style you are searching for, we can help. We keep up with prom trends and know what is in for prom 2020! We can show you images of those makeup and hair style trends as well as what we have done in the past for inspiration. If you like one of them, we can replicate it. If you have a few favorites, we can combine them to create something unique to you. If you have ideas already, we can work with those as well! We are here to make you look beautiful for your magical night to come! We will consider things like your skin tone, dress, how you plan to wear your hair, and the most popular prom makeup looks and trends for 2020 to create the perfect image for prom. Some popular hair styles that we have seen this year are – prom hair ponytails, prom hair styles that incorporate braids, and prom hair buns!

If you are nervous or unsure exactly what vision you are seeking, our experienced team can schedule a consultation ahead of the day of the prom to help ensure we can create the look that suits you right for prom. Many of our clients find this consultation extremely beneficial to figure out what they want for the actual day of the dance. Whether you attend a consultation or not, we would love to see pictures of the various styles/looks that you like. All you have to do is bring along a picture, and we will recreate the look on you.

If you want to book our services for prom hair and makeup, be sure to schedule your appointment a few weeks in advance, as this is a very busy time for us, and our slots fill up quickly. If you want to get your hair done with your friends, we can schedule a group session with a few of our prom hair stylists to bring the fun of getting ready together into the mix. Our reputation and experience guarantee quality results, which is something our clients come back for time and time again. We want you to have fun with getting ready! After-all, this may be the first time that you get dolled-up for a big event – we want it to be memorable!

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Prom Hair & Makeup Packages

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